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BIC RTR-12S Subwoofer
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Subwoofers are widely used to increase the sound volume without altering the sound. Basically, it makes no difference if you turn your car or home into a loud club. As long as the sound is not distorted, you can enjoy it in the smallest details. Unfortunately, television sets or audio systems do not always come with such extra parts, so most people have to purchase them independently. But what do you look for when you need a subwoofer? Just like most people do, you probably think about the power first. However, there are many other small features that can make the difference and this is when the BIC RTR-12S Subwoofer steps in. It is an excellent middle solution that can seriously increase your audio experience. While released almost a decade ago, it is still a very well selling product due to the impressive power output, size and other characteristics.

Key Features:
With a measurement of 14x14x14 inches, the subwoofer does not require too much room. Moreover, it can be fitted inside a car too, especially if you got a large trunk. It weighs 29 pounds, so it is not hard to move around your household either. It can also be taken outdoors if you plan to host a party in your backyard. It is black, stylish and comes with a red cover and the manufacturer's logo. The 200W power is more than enough for small, medium and slightly larger rooms. It usually depends on your definition of a high volume. However, if you plan to connect it to your home cinema system, you obviously do not plan to break the windows with the noise. You have to find the proper balance between understanding the slightest details, but without distorting the noise. Moreover, the distortion is minimal and less than 1%. It makes no difference how many speakers you have around, since the sound peacefully blends in. The bass is very deep, while the sound is crystal clear.

The frequency response varies between 30Hz and 180Hz. It is more than enough for home uses. However, if you plan to get this subwoofer for large scale events, you might need a more powerful unit. The crossover is variable too, but also adjustable according to your preferences. It may float between 80Hz and 120Hz. Unless you are experienced with such features, you should not work on adjusting the crossover. There are not too many extra features to consider. However, a few speaker inputs come to enrich the sound and give you the possibility to connect multiple units.

There are no doubts that the BIC RTR-12S Subwoofer meets the basic requirements to represent a top product, especially with the 300W power and the frequency response. However, it is wired, while the more modernist products are wireless to avoid clogging a room with cables.

In conclusion, the BIC RTR-12S Subwoofer is obviously the right unit for a regular home use. It has a decent power output and the basic requirements to satisfy your necessities. There are no fancy features, but then, the subwoofer was released about nine years ago. However, it is excellent for medium and larger rooms.

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