Coby DVD939 Review

Coby DVD939 Home Theater System

Coby DVD939 Home Theater System
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The 5-channel DVD player, 600-watt power and stylish design make the Coby DVD939 Home Theater System an optimal solution for pretty much any homeowner interested in a qualitative sound surround system. The home theater kit is extremely affordable and one of the most cost effective solutions for everyday users. Customers might expect poor quality for the inexpensive cost, but the small cost is due to something else: the absence of sophisticated features that no one can find a use for. Why would you spend ten times more on a product with built-in systems that make no difference? After all, you got the same basic features for a lot less money and this is usually the factor that gave Coby systems so much popularity.

Key Features:
The home theater system weighs around 15 pounds and brings in 5 channels and a set of five different speakers. They are small, stylish and cubic shaped. The small design is not that relevant in the sound quality. Instead, you just have to place them accordingly in the corners of the room. Along with the subwoofer, they come up with 600 watts of power, which is impressive for such a small set. The DVD can accept any multimedia storage devices, including +R or –R CDs and DVDs, as well as rewritable units. It can recognize numerous formats, including JPEG pictures. The Dolby decoder ensures top quality, as well as the possibility to play multimedia files from USB memory sticks. As for the settings and controls, the front panel has an on-screen display that gives you access to everything you need. You may even set it in your native language.

Numerous additional features come to enrich the Coby home theater system and give you the extra facilities that can make the difference. The DVD unit also hosts two different inputs for microphones, which are excellent for karaoke enthusiasts. It is up to you to find the instrumentals of your favorite songs; luckily enough, there are plenty of them over the Internet. If you feel like watching a movie, you may easily load the subtitles as well. The feature is great if you watch foreign movies. On top of all these, the home theater system is also compatible with both PAL and NTSC formats. Plus, it has analog and digital outputs as well, so the home theater experience can be enjoyed at the highest quality standards.

The two microphone inputs for karaoke sessions are very enticing and quite unique, while the possibility of reading multimedia files directly from USB memory sticks makes the home theater even better. However, you cannot see what files are playing from your memory stick, unless you actually turn the television set on. The display is still lacking a few features.

With all the basic features you can think about, the Coby DVD939 Home Theater System is obviously a top option for a lot of customers. The rapport for costs and quality is amazing too. You got no fancy features, not to mention sophisticated technologies that you cannot even understand.

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