Dayton Audio CCS-33B Review

Dayton Audio CCS-33B

Dayton Audio CCS-33B Speaker
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There are plenty of speakers on the market, names, models, brands and features, yet most people automatically assume that expensive speakers are the best ones. But just like in any other industry, there are inexpensive models that can easily meet your expectations without spending a fortune. From this point of view, the Dayton Audio CCS-33B speaker is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can run into. It is by far one of the cheapest products on the market, and the perfectly chosen features make it excellent for a lot of situations. So what kind of features do you have?

Key Features:
The design is the first thing that can draw your attention. The speaker has a rounded square shape and weighs around 5 pounds. It is 12.5 inches in length, so it is relatively large. The inside can come up with 120 watts of power, so it is definitely enough to enrich small, medium and slightly larger rooms without any problems at all. The clarity is amazing, while the large size does not mean that elements are unstable or come up with any distortions. Besides, the attention to small details is amazing. You can even hear the lowest whispers without even having to concentrate. Other than that, the woofers are designed to work with long excursion capabilities, but they may also be individually optimized according to the customer's needs. The frequency response varies between 100Hz and 20K Hz too, while the 8 ohm impedance works along in a very tight collaboration. It feels neutral, but also quite flat.

Most of the materials used in the build are resistant to exquisite weather conditions. You can place the speaker on the beach without worrying that too much sand will distort the sound. You may just as well put it in the grass during a morning without feeling like too much water can get inside. However, the increased durability does not mean that the design is useless. In fact, the speaker looks very stylish, yet also elegant. It can be used in any kind of interior design, as well as outdoors. As if all these were not enough, it comes with a magnetic shield. In other words, it does not interfere with monitors or television screens. Last but not least, the package comes with an interesting mounting kit. Therefore, the speaker cannot only be placed on the floor but also hanged against a wall without any problems at all.

Dayton Audio CCS-33B
The Dayton Audio CCS-33B speaker has an impressive resistance against extreme weather conditions, and comes with a magnetic resistance and 120 watts of power. However, it is wired, so using a wireless connection is impossible.

As a short final conclusion, the Dayton Audio CCS-33B speaker is clearly a top solution for both indoor and outdoor necessities. It looks good, and it also brings all the basic features you can think of. There are no fancy features included, especially since they do not always make the difference, but only add to the costs. This is the reason wherefore it is so inexpensive.

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