ION Block Rocker IPA56 Review

ION Block Rocker IPA56

ION Block Rocker IPA56 Portable Speaker System
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It is quite hard to find a cost-effective speaker system to provide topnotch quality and not cost a fortune, but a little research can give you the optimal answer. The ION Block Rocker IPA56 Speaker System is by far one of the least expensive products on the market. Surprisingly enough, it is also one of the units that is certainly of high quality and an impressive durability. This is practically the kind of system that tends to surprise you from the first moment you see it. It comes with a series of features, looks really good, while its reviews are extremely encouraging.

Key Features:
The speaker system weighs close to 35 pounds, but it is very easy to carry around. The entire system is placed inside a cabinet. The cabinet has a rugged appearance, so it can easily support aggressive uses. A telescopic handle and a few wheels make it very easy to carry around. Therefore, you can use it inside your household, and also in your backyard for a barbecue or other similar events. The possibility to stream music through a wireless connection makes it even better, especially for outdoor uses. It can connect through a Bluetooth connectivity that works with a series of smartphones or even tablets, regardless of the brand. If you feel like using the wired connection, you got access to an auxiliary cable to increase the sound of other devices. As for the Bluetooth range, it can go to around 50 feet. The USB 2.0 port is great for even more connectivity, but not only that. The gadgets that are plugged in are not only taken for multimedia sources but are also recharged while they are plugged.

The IPA56 sound system has multiple inputs for a lot of instruments, including microphones. Therefore, it can easily become the optimal solution for a karaoke party. The antenna is retractable for more convenience, while the AM/FM radio system is built-in, so you can play your favorite radio channels as well. The system is great for outdoor activities because it comes with a built-in battery. Therefore, it can be used in camping trips to provide around 50 hours of continuous use. A few hours of music per day allow you to use the system for a whole week without the need to plug it in. As if all these were not enough, the system can be connected with a lot of small devices too, such as MP3 players. As long as you got your favorite music stored, playing it at a high scale becomes piece of cake.

ION Block Rocker IPA56
In conclusion, the ION Block Rocker IPA56 Speaker System is a very cost-effective appliance with all the features that you might need for an optimal sound experience. It is as complete as it can be, especially since it can be used both indoors and outdoors without any major restrictions at all.

The wireless possibilities and built-in battery make the IPA56 speaker system excellent for parties or other events, while the amazing power ensures topnotch quality outdoors too. There is simply no other system to provide the same cost-effective rapport. As for its minuses, there are no radio presets, while the bass is not adjustable.

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