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JBL ES80BK Floorstanding Speaker
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It is hard to tell what makes the difference in a good speaker, especially when you want quality and a cost-effective product. Although most buyers focus on the power, this is not the one and only factor to think about. In fact, speakers may carry a series of other features, while some of them can even be patented. All in all, the brand name is just as important in the process. When you want something qualitative without paying a fortune, the JBL ES80BK floorstanding speaker might represent one of the most interesting solutions. But what kind of features should you actually expect?

Key Features:
The 400-watts of power are more than enough for small, medium and relatively large rooms and environments. Although the power is impressive, do not expect the sound to be tiring or disturbing. In fact, the JBL technologies are well known for the clarity they bring in. The bass is very deep, and feels quite muscular. It is mostly given by the PolyPlas transducers, which can support extremely low frequencies. Aside from the music, the vocals are just as important and this is when the middle range transducer steps in. With not less than 4 inches in size, the fidelity is hard to describe in words. You can hear the deepest sounds and actually understand the words at a very high volume. The waveguides represent yet another important feature coming with the JLB system. They carry the EOS (Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal) technology, which practically spreads the waves in an even manner around the environment. It is impossible to decide what is the best seat in the house, since the sound is identical everywhere.

Some additional features include the UHF drivers, which work on the high sounds. They can provide up to 40K Hz too. At the same time, the bass is computer optimized and automatically setup according to the environment. Therefore, the turbulence and distortions are minimal. This is one of the small features that make the difference. As for the extra features, you can include the four different speaker configurations and settings, audio outputs, dual wiring abilities and magnetic shield. The magnetic shield is an actual necessity for professional uses. Finally, the look should not be ignored either, since the JBL model relies on cellulose cones, as well as polymer coating. It looks stylish, sleek and elegant.

The JBL ES80BK floorstanding speaker is excellent for the design, 400-watt power and special features that target both the deepest and highest sounds. The optimized bass support is just as attractive. However, the fact that it is not wireless might represent the one and only drawback.

In conclusion, the JBL ES80BK floorstanding speaker represents a top option for any kind of environment. Plus, it makes no difference if you plan to implement it into a more sophisticated home theater system or you simply need a standalone speaker for your room.

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