JBL Studio 590 Review

JBL Studio 590

JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Loudspeaker
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Spotting the right loudspeaker for a large room or even a commercial place can be very daunting, but there are clearly some obvious solutions. The JBL Studio 590 Loudspeaker is undoubtedly a front runner. It might seem a little too expensive, but the truth is that you will not regret a single cent. The unit is basically designed to be professional, so you gain access to features no other regular loudspeaker has. Moreover, the design is just as attractive and can blend into any kind of decor.

Key Features:
The loudspeaker measures 49 inches in height, so it is definitely recommended for large environments. It weighs 70 pounds and comes in a black and stylish design. There are no reasons to worry about the design, since it can fit into anything. Plus, the connectivity is wired, so you must make sure that the wires are properly hidden if you mount it in a commercial place. A few other key features include the dual 8-inch transducers with a low frequency and the 1-inch compression driver with a high frequency. The low frequency transducers not only fit woofer coils, but is also an industrial magnet that delivers clean sound, regardless of the volume. The sound is not distorted even if you actually exaggerate with the bass volume. The aluminum frame is just as effective from this point of view. On the other hand, the high frequency driver is excellent for low distortion and dynamism. Its primary mission is to ensure clarity and realism at low volumes. As if all these were not enough, the horn is dual radial and has a high frequency; it is also filled with glass. Its main goal is to prevent the sound distortions caused by interaction with other large objects, such as furniture.

Although the main features are more than enough to convince every audio enthusiast, the additional ones are not to be ignored either. The MDG enclosure measures 19 millimeters and is very rigid to reduce the problematic resonances. Plus, the crossover network maintains the sound quality constant when it is being transmitted between the horn and the woofers. Basically, every feature is designed to maintain the sound at the highest quality standards without altering your overall experience. Last, but not least, the binding posts are gold plated for a secured connectivity. As for any recommendations, the manufacturer advises customers to keep the amplifier power at 250 watts.

The low frequency transducers and the high frequency compression driver are designed with sound quality in mind, just like the glass horn focuses on eliminating the sound distortions. There are no doubts that such a product focuses on quality alone. But at the same time, the wired connectivity is not really expected in such a professional item. A wireless connectivity might have been a better idea.

As a short overall conclusion, JBL Studio 590 Loudspeaker is more than just an exclusive decorative item that can stand up in the crowd. It can, indeed, blend into any room, but its performance is clearly more significant. It is built with professional uses in mind, so it is more appropriate for medium and large environments.

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