Klipsch SW-350 Review

Klipsch SW-350

Klipsch SW-350 Subwoofer
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Deciding on an ideal subwoofer is hard enough, but analyzing some features will give you the right answer in no time. With all these, plenty of units have similar characteristics, so this is when small details step in to make the difference. The Klipsch SW-350 Subwoofer is an excellent middle solution, a very cost-effective unit that can make the difference into any environment. Released in 2009, it is still a front running product due to the positive reviews and basic its features that can meet any expectations.

Key Features:
The Klipsch model is designed with sound quality in mind. It is one of the few units on the market that can actually come up with the lowest octaves a human ear can perceive, which is great for the small details. The bass is clear and deep, mostly because of the Class D amplifier. However, in order to gain as much as possible from this subwoofer, place it in a corner. Otherwise, you lose some of the power output. The overall 350-watt power makes it very appropriate for home cinema systems as well as for music systems. The design is just as attractive – black, stylish and very elegant. When it comes to flexibility, the SW-350 model is simply impossible to match. The crossover is very low, while the phase controls give you the possibility to work on the frequency tones, whether they are low or high. You may also decide on the bass depth, but it obviously asks for some training. You are free to play with the buttons for a while until you find the desired sound though.

The Klipsch subwoofer is ideal to combine with another product designed by the same manufacturer – Quintet home theater set. However, it does not mean that it is restricted from this point of view. In fact, it is very easy to combine with any other system. The connectivity is quite intuitive, while the inputs are easy to recognize due to the colorful symbols. The phase adjustment is yet another important additional feature, but just like many other settings, it might take a while to get used to it. As for any extra features, the subwoofer not only comes with RCA line level inputs, but also with a few different speaker inputs. You got an automatic on and off feature, just in case you want to program it too.

Klipsch SW-350
With 350 watts of power, the Klipsch SW-350 Subwoofer is clearly worth some attention, but this is not everything. All the settings are adjustable for your flexibility and personal needs. If there are any drawbacks to think about, you can include the missing wireless connection. Wires tend to clog and they must be relatively close to the actual speakers.

As a short final conclusion, the Klipsch SW-350 Subwoofer is definitely a reliable and very qualitative unit for both audio and video appliances. The power makes it appropriate for regular or large rooms, while the design can blend into any decor.

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