LG Electronics NB4530B Review

LG Electronics NB4530B

LG Electronics NB4530B Sound Bar
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Released in the spring of 2013, the LG Electronics NB4530B Sound Bar is the kind of system that doesn’t just look good, but also takes your sound experience to a brand new level. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or you are looking for the right gadget for your parties, this sound bar can meet your expectations and go even further. The bar can be mounted anywhere, including on a wall. It looks sleek and brings in a quality that leaves no room for interpretations.

Key Features:
There are a lot of features that can make the difference between this sound bar and a different system. First of all, it is extremely simplistic and good looking. The bar is elegant and can fit into any decor. You can mount it close to the ceiling or right under your television set. However, a top position might ensure a better sound level. The installation is very facile. Plus, the subwoofer included in the system is wireless. Therefore, you got a lot of possibilities regarding the installation. Moreover, the wireless capabilities allow you to stream multimedia files directly from other gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets. The Bluetooth connectivity is also recommended for the situations when you got no Internet access, yet you plan to play some files from other devices.

A set of additional features are supposed to ease your overall experience and bring in more convenience. For example, the HDMI possibilities ensure a top connection between your television set and the AV speakers. The sound quality is hard to describe in words, but very easy to notice from your first use. The bass is very deep, as well as the overall sound. The 310-watt power makes the gadget excellent for both small and large rooms. When used for large rooms, it should be placed at a decent height for an even distribution of sound. The mounting system comes with a few brackets too, so it can be placed anywhere. It measures 47 inches in length, so it requires quite a long strip of space on your wall. As if all these were not enough, it is worth knowing that the sound bar can be connected to other devices than television sets as well. Practically, you can use it for your laptop or home computer as well, especially if this is what you mainly use to watch movies or play some music.

LG Electronics NB4530B
The Bluetooth streaming possibilities and wireless subwoofer of the LG Electronics NB4530B Sound Bar are clearly its top attractions, but the sleek design is not to be ignored either. If there is one drawback you can think about, that is the impossibility to connect more than one Bluetooth device from it. When you want to connect a different smartphone, the current one has to be disconnected first.

As a short final conclusion, the LG Electronics NB4530B Sound Bar is definitely the kind of product that can make the difference in your sound experience. It looks good and provides top power, while its connectivity options are just as diversified. It is excellent for any kind of home environment.

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