Philips HTD3514/F7 Review

Philips HDT3514/F7

Philips HDT3514/F7 Home Theater System
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Philips electronics do not need too many presentations, since the prestigious manufacturer is one of the oldest and most reputable ones in the world. However, with every new Philips system, the technological innovations are taken to a new level. Released in the first day of July 2013, the Philips HDT3514/F7 Home Theater is obviously one of the kits that can turn a regular living room into a very reliable home theater without too much extra work. You just have to plug everything in, turn off the lights and there you are in your home-based cinema theater. Moreover, the home theater system is extremely affordable and a few times less expensive than other similar brands. The secret stays in the lack of sophisticated, yet relatively useless, features that make no difference in the long run. So what kind of facilities do you gain access to?

Key Features:
Power is usually one of the most definitive factors in making a decision, though definitely not the most important one. You do not need a million watts to enjoy a movie. This home theater provides 300 watts of power and can ensure an excellent atmosphere. It is perfect for both movies and music. It comes with five channels and just as many speakers. They are small, so they can be fitted anywhere inside a room. The speakers and the actual unit come with a black matte finish that makes them very stylish and elegant. The system is appropriate for both empty and crowded places. It can read and connect to a series of other multimedia devices, including CDs, DVDs and VCDs. Moreover, if you tend to rely on USB memory sticks for data transfer, keep in mind that the Philips system can read them without any problems at all. Besides, if you plug the audio jack in, you are free to play your favorite files from other gadgets as well. The system supports MP3 players, as well as Apple products.

Additional features come to take your home theater experience to a brand new level. The HDMI connectivity is clearly a plus, since you have the option to play high definition movies as well. However, it obviously depends on whether or not your television set can support them. If you have a HDTV, there is nothing else you can ask for. Other than that, when compared to other kits, this one is very lightweight – around 13 pounds. Therefore, you have the possibility to move it around and come up with a different home-based cinema set-up whenever you feel like. Other features that might draw some attention include the batteries, which ensure a continuous run even if you end up with a power outage, and the multitude of formats the home theater can run with – WMA, CD-DA, SVCD and many others.

The HDT3614/F7 home theater system is definitely enticing for the HDMI connectivity and the possibility to read USB memory sticks, but the stylish design is not to be ignored either. The bass is also very powerful. However, the audio quality could be slightly better.

In conclusion, there are no reasons why you should ignore the Philips HDT3514/F7 Home Theater system. It brings in all the mandatory features in such a system, as well as a few extra facilities that can make the difference.

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