Philips HTL9100 Review

Philips HTL9100

Philips HTL9100 Sound Bar System
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Released in April 2013, the Philips HTL9100 Sound Bar System comes to help home theater enthusiasts who are simply not entirely happy with their systems. Whether they want to end up with a deeper sound or they simply want a lot more from their home theater experiences, the Philips sound bar leaves no room for interpretations. Philips has already convinced its customers about its quality standards and this product makes no exception. Whether you care for power, design, performance or durability, you got them all. But what else can you expect from the relatively new sound bar system?

Key Features:
The speakers have a built-in wireless connection, so they can be operated from a distance, without drilling holes around your walls. Whether you plan to mount them in the same room or around the entire household, wires often represent the main impediment and a real problem, especially if you got kids or pets around. From this point of view, this is basically the first sound bar system to implement wireless connectivity. The 5.1 channels ensure a perfect surround sound, without any distortions. It really does not matter how loud the volume is. The speaker location is irrelevant too. They can be in the same room or in different rooms. The speakers blend one into another, without altering the quality or creating a problematic echo. Charged batteries can provide around 10 hours of continuous play.

The subwoofer is also wireless, ensuring more freedom in setting up the system. Besides, the speakers are fitted with smart sensors that cooperate in order to self adjust the settings. In other words, they spot each other's location and adjust the sound waves according to the distance and interference to ensure a high quality surround sound. The two HDMI ports are excellent for connectivity, just like the optical digital input. Customers can also use the HDMI ports to connect the sound bar system to gaming consoles. In the end, the diversified connectivity supports Bluetooth connections as well, while the 210-watt power is great for some extra sound quality. The stylish design is yet another important plus. After all, you do not want something random inside your elegant living room.

Philips HTL9100
The battery based sound bar is clearly an innovation, while the 10-hour play time is just as significant. Other than that, you can forget about wires, since the whole system can run through a built-in wireless connection. However, if you plan to install the system on a HDTV unit, you cannot use the wireless connection feature.

All in all, the Philips HTL9100 Sound Bar System might represent the difference between a regular home theater system and a qualitative experience. It might be the extra addition that can take your home theater experience to a new level. The wide possibilities of connectivity make the sound system excellent for any reason. It makes no difference if you hope to install it in a commercial store, a boutique, your office or even your household.

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