Polk Audio TL2 Review

Polk Audio TL2

Polk Audio TL2 Satellite Speaker
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The Polk Audio TL2 speaker is currently one of the most cost-effective solutions for homeowners interested in enriching their audio systems with a qualitative piece. A few basic features come to turn this unit into an excellent addition. Moreover, those who hope to take their audio experience to a new level may just as well opt for more units. It obviously depends on what each homeowner expects and on how powerful the home theater set is.

Key Features:
The main features of this speaker are more than enough to certify its quality, not to mention its optimal size. It is only 7.1 inches tall and weighs around 3 pounds. It can be placed anywhere around a room, including a wall or on the floor. The inside of the unit brings in the PowerPort technology, which is patented by Polk and ensures a deep sound. Basically, it is mostly responsible for the lowest bass frequencies, which decreases the air turbulences. There is no room for port noises or other similar distortions. At the same time, Polk also brings in the Time Lens technology. In other words, both the bass driver and the acoustic parts are placed at the same level to ensure a qualitative sound.

A few additional features step in to make the difference. After all, small details usually determine the quality of a speaker. The dome tweeters have a silky feel and they are almost an inch in size. In other words, they work on the imaging quality and for a quick and smooth response. It makes no difference if you watch a six hour long movie or a few short videos, since the sound will never become tiring. At the same time, the cones carry on a composite injection technology and they measure slightly more than 3 inches. Last but not least, the keyhole slot and the inserts can fit absolutely any mounting brackets. The speaker can be placed on the ceiling or a wall. Keep in mind that the location is very important for the overall sound quality. Sometimes, it is better as a rear speaker, but in other cases, it can successfully replace some low quality front speakers. It depends from one system to another. Some other features include the frequency response curve that floats between 95Hz and 24K Hz, as well as the 91dB audio sensitivity. The 8 ohm impedance should not be ignored either.

The Polk Audio TL2 has a sleek design that can fit into any room, while a few patented technologies – Time Lens and PowerPort – ensure a perfect sound quality. However, it could have been better if it was wireless, so you would not have to bother with wires and cables.

In conclusion, the Polk Audio TL2 speaker is definitely worth some attention. The quality is excellent for the money you have to pay, while the 100-watt power makes it excellent for small, medium and slightly larger environments.

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