Polk Audio TSX550T Review

Polk Audio TSX550T

Polk Audio TSX550T Tower Speaker
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It is hard to tell what people actually expect from a new set of speakers. Some of them want the speakers to blend into the room decor and look excellent, just like many others focus on performance. But what if you could find both these aspects in one large tower speaker? Tower speakers are meant to be compact and easy to install, but also come up with an impressive performance. From this point of view, the Polk Audio TSX550T Tower Speaker is clearly a very reputable solution for your audio expectations. Released in the summer of 2013, it has quickly managed to gain a lot of positive reviews and reputation. But what kind of features can customers take advantage of?

Key Features:
First of all, the tower speaker is 47.5 inches tall. The base measures 20.8x14 centimeters as well. Therefore, it is large enough to ensure a decent experience for both small and relatively large rooms, but also very compact and easy to install anywhere. It weighs 60 pounds, so the tower construction is not fragile at all. It is heavy enough for babies to avoid harming themselves, not to mention small pets. The frequency response floats between 26 and 25,000Hz, while the crossover description ensures 2.5K Hz. As for the amplifying power, customers gain access to 300 watts. The design is black and simplistic, so it is very appropriate for any kind of environment. It can be used in modernist or traditional rooms, as well as small or medium clubs. Lastly, the connectivity is wired so make sure that you place it close to an outlet. Moreover, wires should not be left crossing a room, since people may trip over them.

A series of additional features come to make the difference between the Polk Audio masterpiece and other similar tower speakers. For instance, the binding posts are designed in five different ways and in a very professional manner. They are gold-plated to ensure a perfectly safe connection. All the speakers in the tower are timbre matched. They also consist of the same materials, while the components are almost identical. This way, the sound is not distorted at all. You can hear the quietest whispers or the loudest screams without echoes or other issues. Plus, having the same construction ensures a blending result in systems with more channels. As if all these were not enough, the tower speaker can be fitted to a subwoofer for extra power. However, the subwoofer must be purchased separately. Plus, the 8 valued impedance comes with an absolutely astonishing sound in free air.

The Polk Audio TSX550T Tower Speaker impresses through the smooth design and metallic accents and the identical speaker construction is just as appropriate for a perfect sound. The 300-watt power is very attractive too. If there are any drawbacks you can think about, it might have been a lot better if the system was wireless.

As a short final conclusion, the Polk Audio TSX550T Tower Speaker is clearly an impressive addition to any audio system, regardless of how demanding it is. It can enrich a low quality system, but it can also take a professional one to a new level.

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