Pyle Home PCAU46A Review

Pyle Home PCAU46A

Pyle Home PCAU46A Mini Power Amplifier
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With plenty of connectivity possibilities, a decent power and a series of small features, the Pyle Home PCAU46A Mini Power Amplifier might be the right unit for your personal audio experience. The amplifier was released in the springtime of 2013 and represents one of the most cost-effective products of this kind. Besides, it is advertised to be a mini amplifier, but the 240 watts of power are more than enough to take your sound experience to a new level. But what else can you find inside?

Key Features:
The connectivity options are by far the most attractive ones. The amplifier can support almost everything, including any MP3 player. Besides, the LED display is also able to tell you what files are currently being played, which is not really such a popular feature in MP3 playing amplifiers. The blue light makes this unit look futuristic and modern, while the black sleek design allows you to place it anywhere, without affecting the decor. Aside from MP3 players, the amplifier can also accept USB sticks. Moreover, it is capable of playing WMA extensions as well. Smartphones can be connected too, as well as Apple products, such as iPhones or iPods. The CD or AUX input is the one you have to look for in order to connect the amplifier with other gadgets. With so many options, the product is excellent for restaurants, conference rooms, a backyard or even your home. As if all these were not enough, the compatible gadgets are also being recharged while they are played, so you got two functions in one input jack.

A few additional features come to make the difference between this power amplifier and others. The transfer from other media files is excellent, but the possibility to customize the sound according to your personal preferences is even more attractive. The equalizer settings are very diversified and aside from the volume, you gain access to the treble or bass settings too. All the buttons are placed on the front panel, so you got easy access. Last but not least, you got the option to use it with headphones too. The 0.25-inch plug is universal and can accept most headphones on the market. Some extra features include the possibility to wire the speakers to the amplifier directly, as well as the possibility to adjust the impedance between 4 and 8 Ohm. Moreover, the amplifier plug can be used not only in the United States of America, but also in European countries. The plug comes with a switch for more convenience.

Pyle Home PCAU46A
There are plenty of adjustments and controls you can play with, while the European and American plug switch is quite innovative. The remote control is just as helpful, but the drawback of the system is that it lacks a wireless connection.

In the end, the Pyle Home PCAU46A Mini Power Amplifier is clearly the perfect unit to enrich your audio system. The wide variety of pluses and adjustments allow you to customize it according to your needs. Plus, it can successfully ensure a top quality in both medium and large rooms.

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