Pyle Home PDIC51RD Review

Pyle Home PDIC51RD

Pyle Home PDIC51RD In-Ceiling Speaker System
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Speaker systems are extremely diversified today and some of them are simply way above the competition through a series of innovations. Sometimes, a system’s performance tends to make the difference, but in many other cases, customers make their decision according to the costs and design of an equipment. After all, performance is just one thing; blending a system into the decor is just as important. This is when the Pyle Home PDIC51RD Speaker System becomes a reliable and very interesting idea. Released almost ten years ago, the design is definitely unique and far from the common black glossy appearance. At the same time, a few other ideas can easily draw a lot of attention. Besides, it is less likely for a bad product to stay on the market for such a long period of time, and this one has proven that topnotch quality still makes a huge difference.

Key Features:
The set comes with two different speakers. They are both white and their primary purpose is to be mounted on the ceiling. Unless your ceiling has a different color, it is very hard to spot the two gadgets. Moreover, the installation place dictates the effectiveness of a sound system. When placed on the ceiling, you know that there are no interference between you and the speakers. In order to perfectly blend the speakers into the decor, you need a set of round holes measuring 6.5 inches in diameter and around 2 inches in depth. However, you can install the speakers anywhere. They come with an amazing frequency response floating between 80Hz and 20K Hz. Practically, the speaker system can be fitted to both small and large audio appliances, including home cinema theaters. Each speaker has an internal medium bass providing an impedance of 4 to 8 Ohm.

The speaker system is not the most advanced in the world, but definitely good enough if you do not plan to host loud parties. It is excellent for small and medium rooms, with the peak power going up to 150 watts. The audio sensitivity goes to 87dB, while the total distortion is under 1%. It makes no difference how loud or quiet you want the sound to be. The two sound waves perfectly blend one into another, while the insignificant distortion cannot even be perceived by the human ear. The system is quite simplistic, so there are not too many extra features to consider. It is worth knowing that both speaker drivers are entirely made of polypropylene.

The simplistic design and the possibility to have the speakers mounted on the ceiling are quite attractive. Plus, the power is very impressive for such a small set. However, they do not have too many automatic functions or modern features.

In conclusion, the Pyle Home PDIC51RD Speaker System proves that its age, after all, is quite irrelevant. About a decade since its first release, the speakers are still very popular and sold widely across the world. They are extremely inexpensive – even cheaper than your everyday lunch. However, you should know that they cannot really ensure top sound in a large environment – they perform extremely well in small and medium rooms.

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