PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Belt-Drive Turntable
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Trying to bring back good old memories and revive some of your cherished childhood stuff can be tough when those things are no longer manufactured. But what would you do if you could actually find similar items that carry even higher quality standards? This is when the PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable steps in to bring your childhood appliances back in your hands. If you still got some old discs around the attic that can be used and played, this is the right way to do it. Otherwise, you may just as well keep it for the vintage decor, and use it for the built-in radio. Therefore, there is nothing else you can ask for if you want to adopt a vintage, yet functional design.

Key Features:
The turntable is designed in a classic manner, but with modern silicone-based technologies. Believe it or not, such a unit will easily become the center part of a room. Although it is more appropriate for traditional designs, it can also make the difference in a modern d├ęcor set up. The cover protects the product against dust and debris, and is tailored to look classy. The turntable has three different speeds, which are measured in RPM: 33, 45 and 78. It also comes with a 3.5mm jack for various connectivity options. If you find the power to be not enough, you are free to invest in a 45 RPM adapter as well. You can always connect the turntable to the sound bar or speaker system of your home theater for a deeper experience. But then, the two built-in speakers are usually enough to bring an entertaining atmosphere in a regular room.

Although the turntable is designed with the obvious reason of playing discs, it is unfortunate that discs are no longer popular nowadays as they used to be decades ago. Therefore, if you really want such a device but have no discs for it, you can simply rely on its built-in AM/FM radio. The radio channels, volume and other settings can be controlled with control knobs and a dial. All of them are designed in a retro style which definitely adds to the classic experience. As for connecting it to your home theater system, the RCA line-out is the optimal solution to ensure proper connection. If you want to listen to music privately, the headphone output is excellent to avoid disturbing others. A few extra features include the transparent dust cover, which is made of plastic, and the auto stop. When a record is over, the arm rises automatically and the music stops. You also have an extra automatic feature to keep the record on a continuous loop.

The classic appearance is by far the best asset of this turntable, though its connectivity features which allow you to fit it to small headphones, sound bars or home theater systems is certainly also worth mentioning. On top of that, it does not cost more than a fancy lunch. As for its cons, the plastic cover might be resistant and useful, but not really suitable for such a classic design.

In conclusion, the PYLE-HOME PVNTTR22 Retro Turntable is the perfect middle solution between classic appliances and modern technologies. You got the look and feel of your childhood years, all designed using modern technology.

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