Samsung SEK-1000/ZA 2013 Review

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA Streaming Media Player
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The Samsung SEK-1000/ZA is the only tool that you need if you want to enhance the features of your TV, and bring in the newest and most advanced features that are available in the newest models of Samsung TVs. The Samsung SEK-1000/ZA evolution kit is a great addition to help you bring your watching experience to the next level. It comes with a number of amazingly intelligent features that will make you feel proud of buying it for sure.

Key Features:
One of the main features of the Evolution Kit is that it gives you better performance and speed because of its processor (Quad Core). It also boasts of a 500MHz GPU, a 1.5 Gigabyte memory and overall amazing software performance. This simply means that you get access to better entertainment with the Samsung SEK-1000/ZA. You have more access to the best apps and features that will make your Samsung smart TV more intelligent, and more fascinating. The more you watch, the more it gets better -- it will be able to show you programs, settings, apps, and more that are based on your preference and likes. The Samsung SEK-1000/ZA will also make your life a lot easier when watching because of its Upgrade Smart Interaction that basically gives you total freedom with the voice and gesture controls. Imagine using your voice to turn on the TV, because you can’t find where the remote control is. Wouldn’t that be nice to have? Newer smart TVs have that kind of technology, but with the Samsung SEK-1000/ZA, you do not need to replace your old TV just to enjoy that.

Added features that are noteworthy would be the Evolutions Kit's ability to support 2013 Smart Hub as well as content. Also note that it is compatible with LED ES7500+ and PDP E7000+ of 2012, however, the Camera or Smart Interaction characteristics are not applicable to the PDP E7000 series. Another feature of the Samsung SEK-1000/ZA is its 1 pound weight. The kit has measurements of 2 by 2 by 2 inches and its height is around 5 inches.

Samsung SEK-1000/ZA
For pros, the Samsung SEK-1000/ZA is sure easy to install, boasts of fast performance and helps save more money because you are freed from the need from buying a newer TV just to get cooler and newer features. One con that we see, however, is the need for enhancement of the voice command feature so users can optimize better accuracy in actual experience.

Overall, the Samsung SEK-1000/ZA is a great addition to have in the home, if you have a Samsung smart TV. It helps you use your current smart TV so you can enjoy the latest in technology without you putting out more cash for a more hi-tech or more expensive television. It will definitely enhance the features of your TV even more, in order to give you a better viewing and watching experience.

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