Sony HT-CT660 Review

Sony HT-CT660

Sony HT-CT660 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
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Working on the quality of your sound system provides a lot of possibilities. Most people invest in extra sets of speakers or perhaps even a more powerful unit. However, the truth is that you do not have to spend so much money, not to mention overcrowding your room with a lot of small speakers that may not even blend the sound quite perfectly. This is when you realize the importance of a sound bar and since it only brings in a long and thin speaker, you want a product that can actually stand up in the crowd. The Sony HT-CT660 Sound Bar is one of the most appropriate middle options – with an excellent price, a well-respected brand reputation and great features that can work wonders on your audio experience.

Key Features:
The sound bar is 46 inches in length, wide enough for it to be installed in both small and large environments. It can be placed anywhere around a room, since the mounting system makes it easy to install on walls. Most specialists recommend a decent height for an optimal result though. It has 2.1 channels and an impressive power of 330 watts. It is a lot more than what you might expect from a single unit. The high definition sound system is just as attractive, since it can turn a regular television set into a miniature home theater system. The subwoofer is wireless, so you can forget about putting it close to the sound bar, hiding wires under the carpets or around the wall. The wireless connectivity also provides more convenience and some portability, in case you plan to take the sound bar outdoors or to a different room.

A one-touch system ensures Bluetooth connection between the sound bar and other devices including tablets, smartphones or even computers. You must have the other system in the Bluetooth range though, without any major interference. Moreover, the HD sound is ensured by Dolby TrueHD quality standards, as well as the dts-HD Master Audio system. Besides, there are not less than three different HDMI inputs, as well as digital and analog inputs. The IR Repeater Pass-through technology is just as attractive for homeowners who install sound bars on TV stands. The remote control waves are usually blocked, forcing them to stand up in order to control the system. With this technology, the commands avoid the sound bar and eliminate this issue. As if all these were not enough, the speakers are made of poly-mica composite materials for rigidity and durability, ensuring great reduction of vibrations and distortions. The construction guarantees perfect sound, especially when combined with the S-Force PRO technology for 3D surrounds.

Sony HT-CT660
The 3D surround sound and the wireless subwoofer are the best features of the HT-CT660 model, even as its Bluetooth capabilities come to increase its functionality. The sound can be customized too. As for its drawbacks, the default subwoofer sound volume is a little too high, and the mounting system is usually not included in the package.

In the end, the Sony HT-CT660 Sound Bar is obviously a very reliable sound system, while the manufacturer's name leaves no room for doubts.

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