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Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV
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There are no doubts that Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV underlines all the extra facilities you might expect in a television set. The Internet player is designed as an extra facility for your TV, with the possibility to implement your Internet experience. Are you trying to find a particular movie or show? The voice recognition technology can make it possible without a remote control. Moreover, you can access popular platforms or watch YouTube videos, so this is one of those decisions you simply cannot regret.

Key Features:
The Google TV option is by far the most enticing feature, since you can find your favorite movies, actors, shows or sports games with your voice only. You just have to call it and the gadget will perform the search for you. You can forget about browsing through your television channels or check out the program magazine. The possibility to skip a small monitor and browse the Internet through your TV is just as enticing, not to mention about the numerous applications. YouTube, Netflix and Pandora simply make my life easier with the Internet player. Controlling the web experience is done through the remote control. It has two parts – one with buttons and one with a touchscreen. They are supposed to work just like your laptop buttons, so you can scroll, zoom or type with no difficulties.

At a first glance, Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV seems more than enough, but a series of additional features come to enrich your experience even more. The built-in wireless allows you to skip cables. Wires are meant to clog a room, so how about going wireless? Besides, there is nothing more enticing than watching a football game and checking out your Facebook profile at the same time. The screen can be split in two, while the second window can be moved in absolutely any of its parts. The PrimeTime application is just as enticing for those who are overwhelmed by so much entertainment and have no clue what they want to watch. Its primary mission is to provide Box Office charts, new releases and more than 100,000 movies and episodes delivered according to your preferences. Last, but not least, a few extra features willing to improve your TV experience include the Socialife application and three free movies given out by the Sony Entertainment Network. If you are interested in more content from the respective network, you will have to pay. The Chrome browser and the YouTube application make it very easy to browse or watch your favorite videos whenever you feel like playing some music.

The sleek design is the first thing that draws some attention, while the tight combination between your television set and the web experience can rock your world. If there are any drawbacks I can think about, that is the long update time when you first install the player, but there are not too many people reporting it. Moreover, the wireless connection may sometimes have hiccups if it is not too powerful.

As a short final conclusion, Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV is clearly an interesting product that reflects modernism, innovation and futurism. It makes no difference if you are an avid TV watcher, an online enthusiast or just too busy to take care of these things. The impressive gadget is so diversified that you barely know what to do first, while the TV experience is taken to a new level.

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