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VIZIO SB4020E-B0 Sound Bar
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Sound bars represent the ultimate trends in the idea to improve a current audio system with more power and a clearer sound. Of course, you can always invest in a set of small speakers, but they come with slight disadvantages. For instance, the sound distortion will most likely be higher, just like your room will look a lot more crowded. On the other hand, sound bars are stylish and elegant, while the power output can be extremely high. But then, you also have to focus on the price. In an ideal case, you should look after a great rapport for quality, features and costs. The VIZIO SB4020E-B0 Sound Bar is by far one of the most cost effective solutions on the market, while a few additional features turn it into one of the main front runners.

Key Features:
The sound power is definitive for the performance. This is what most people think about before actually spending money on a sound system. From this point of view, you can count on a total of 95dB and 130 watts. With such numbers, the sound bar is not only very useful for small and medium rooms but also for slightly larger environments. Do not expect to host a party in a huge living room though. Other than that, the harmonic distortion is just as important. When it comes to multiple units, the distortion might become obvious at particular volumes. On the other hand, single units may have slight distortions too, but they are intangible. The VIZIO sound bar distortion is lower than 1%. The 42-inch length ensures an even sound distribution too, while the crystal clear audio experience is more than obvious.

SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume technologies represent some of the most important additional features of the system. SRS TruSurround HD focuses on the video only, in an attempt to increase its depth and quality. On the other hand, SRS TruVolume works on the sound. Since they carry the same quality standards, they also work together on correlating both the sound and video. Besides, the same technologies ensure an even distribution of sound and eliminate the need to install rear speakers. Other than that, the sound bar can be connected to both television sets and audio systems. All you need is a cable, and setting it up is a piece of cake. It depends on what other speakers you have. In most situations, you just have to plug the sound bar and you are ready to go.

The SRS technologies successfully eliminate the need for back up speakers, while the 42-inch long bar is stylish and can be fitted anywhere inside a room. There are not too many drawbacks to think about of the system, but having more automatic features or controls would have been a lot better.

As a short final conclusion, the VIZIO SB4020E-B0 Sound Bar is definitely an entertaining solution for your room, regardless of its size. However, the volume is limited if your room is too large. Other than that, the simple, yet futuristic features turn this appliance into an excellent addition to your household.

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