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VIZIO SB4021M-B1 Home Theater Sound Bar
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The VIZIO SB4021M-B1 Home Theater Sound Bar represents one of the most cost-effective solutions to enrich your audio experience and take it to a new level. Whether your current audio system is not good enough or you simply want more for your home theater experience, it is imperative to rely on a product that can actually meet your expectations. You have to focus on a reputable brand, but without exaggerating with the expenses. Fortunately, the VIZIO sound bar is a perfect middle solution, with a great rapport for the overall price and quality. It is supported by a wide variety of positive testimonials as well, but what kind of features does it hide?

Key Features:
First of all, most people focus on the actual power before actually spending money on a sound bar. Although it may not give you too many clues, the maximum level goes to 101dB. It is more than enough for a crystal clear sound, whether your home is small or large. It is said that big systems may not really be appropriate for small rooms. But in this case, the quality is flawless regardless of the size. The harmonic distortion is under 1%, so the human ear cannot even perceive it. As for the appearance, it is just as important. Instead of opting for five small speakers spread around a room, a 42-inch long sound bar is a lot more appropriate. It is slim, stylish and elegant, but it can also be blended into any decor. The subwoofer is wireless and this is another major plus. You can forget about wires hanging close to the ceiling or the necessity to hide them under the carpet in order to avoid tripping on them. Moreover, the subwoofer brings in a deep bass from absolutely any part of the room. It has an impressive range of around 60 feet.

A series of additional features come to improve your audio experience and turn a regular television set into a veritable home theater system. The Sound Pressure Level is constantly kept under control in order to ensure a safe volume, and perfect sound capacity as well. As for the overall power, it goes up to 335 watts. The Dolby Digital technology is by far one of the most professional features, with a primary purpose to make you feel like in a qualitative cinema theater. Moreover, the SRS TruVolume function works on the audio and video compatibility without any fluctuations and differences, while the TruSurround HD feature evenly distributes the sound across the room, whether you are in front or behind the sound bar. You no longer need rear speakers for an even audio level.

The SRS TruVolume and TruSurround HD functions ensure a perfect video and audio correlation without any distortions, while the wireless subwoofer has a 60-feet range. On the other hand, there are not too many automatic features to control the sound quality and this might be taken for a drawback.

In the end, it is obvious that the VIZIO SB4021M-B1 Home Theater Sound Bar has been designed with productivity and quality in mind. The system is not only appropriate for impressive environments, but also for small student rooms.

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