Yamaha YHT-599UBL Review

Yamaha YHT-599UBL

Yamaha YHT-599UBL Home Theater System
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It is hard to decide what home theater system might be the optimal solution for your comfort needs, but the Yamaha YHT-599UBL Home Theater is definitely an excellent cost-effective option. It is fitted with a series of features, a 5.1 channel receiver, various applications and the possibility to connect it with a lot of other gadgets, including smartphones or gadgets. It simply has way more options than what you might expect, not to mention its overall quality. Released in the springtime of 2013, it is definitely one of the optimal solutions that you will not want to miss.

Key Features:
The new home theater system packs a lot of facilities – most of them can be controlled without any risk at all through the AV Controller application. The qualitative audio capabilities and DSP 3D features will bring the cinema right into your living room. The 5-channel speaker and a 100W subwoofer ensure a qualitative sound as well. Other than that, the connectivity is just as important for such a unit. After all, most multimedia files come from external sources. Therefore, you can connect the system via USB inputs and the AirPlay application, as well as the MHL system. The MHL technology allows you to play high definition 1080p files through your mobile phone. Controls can be managed through the remote control as well. Just like other Yamaha products from the same class, this one carries the ECO quality standards, which automatically imply a 20% lower power consumption.

A series of secondary features come to enrich advanced users' experiences. They may not always be useful to a regular TV enthusiast who only cares for the surround sound, but exploring them may open a lot of doors. For example, the AV receiver is directly responsible for a series of network possibilities, only to give you access to more external sources. Practically, the Yamaha YHT-599UBL Home Theater can be connected to your personal computer. If connected to the Internet, you can play online radio without any interference. On the other hand, the AV controlling application ensures the connection between both Android and Apple devices. The same controller can work with a personalized application. It can be downloaded from iTunes and other similar sources. It allows you to control everything from your device, including the volume or even the power. Finally, the 3D data support is clearly a plus too. You do not require too many cables, but just a single HDMI one. As if all these were not enough, a few additional features include the automatic YPAO sound optimizer and the SCENE button. The sound optimizer analyzes the room and adjusts the sound settings for a perfect quality. On the other hand, the SCENE button prepares everything in one shot, including the source or the DSP mode.

The automatic sound adjustment YPAO feature or the diversified connections are perfect, regardless of the external sources you rely on. Other than that, the 4K pass through capability is just as attractive. But since nothing is perfect, the system does not come with a WiFi connection, unless you actually buy the respective part separately.

In conclusion, the Yamaha YHT-599UBL Home Theater is not just a cost effective system, but also a very sophisticated and complete one. It is excellent for small and medium rooms, even as it also performs at an impressive quality in larger environments.

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