Yamaha YHT-899UBL Review

Yamaha YHT-899UBL

Yamaha YHT-899UBL Home Theater System
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With countless possibilities for further connections, a 5.1 channel receiver and plenty of different configurations, the Yamaha YHT-899UBL Home Theater is one of the most complete and qualitative systems on the market. With all these, the cost effectiveness of this product is among the first factors that draw some attention. It is a lot cheaper compared to other products, but it carries similar quality standards. From many points of view, this is an excellent middle solution that you simply cannot turn your head away from.

Key Features:
The powerful sound is given not only by the five channels, but also by the sophisticated format decoding features: DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. Moreover, the 100W subwoofer comes to enrich a loud experience, which is excellent when you plan to feel like in a cinema or you host a party. The AV receiver and the Apple connection with the popular AirPlay application allow you to play your favorite music via iTunes. Moreover, the USB slot is compatible with iPad and other sophisticated gadgets. The ECO mode allows you to save a lot of power – up to 20%, while the 4K pass through is practically a top notch technology that could not miss. HDMI capabilities with 3D possibilities allow the home theater to support 3D data. Therefore, everything goes through one HDMI cable, without you having to invest in other optical cables or wires.

The built-in AV receiver brings in a series of secondary functions. Not everyone may actually benefit from them, but advanced users will definitely know how to use them. In other words, their primary goal is to give you access to a series of other sources, not to mention about enhancing your overall experience. For example, you have the opportunity to connect your computer to the television set in order to play an online radio channel. There is also an application for the AV controller, which gives you full access over other gadgets around, including Android or Apple gadgets. The MHL support is developed for high definition files and gives users the possibility to play 1080p files directly from the mobile phone. At the same time, the mobile phone is being recharged. Last, but not least, the YPAO sound optimization opportunities analyze the room, its size and acoustics, only to automatically adjust some settings and features for the highest quality sound. The whole operation barely takes a few minutes. A few other additional features include the SCENE button, which automatically powers the receiver, chooses the source and sets up everything for you. Moreover, the CINEMA DSP 3D feature ensures an excellent quality for the surround sound, while the adaptive dynamic range control finds the optimal balance between the volume and the sound range.

Auto power off settings and a series of self-adjusting features for the video and sound represent the top notch technologies in the Yamaha YHT-899UBL Home Theater. Besides, the 20% lower power consumption is just as attractive. As for any drawbacks, there are not too many of them, aside from the fact that overusing the system might heat it, so try to ensure decent ventilation.

In the end, the Yamaha YHT-899UBL Home Theater is obviously the type of system that brings in the quality of a professional system for the costs of a regular one. It has a series of features that can enrich your TV experience, while small details tend to make the difference from your past experiences. It is excellent for both small and large environments.

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